Giving you the best choice of precision CNC machining - Champion H&C Inc. We have an outstanding CNC lathe machining parts manufacturing team which can help customer in integrating the most efficient manufacturing method with the lowest cost, best quality. And we follow strict manufacturing procedures to ensure the precision in CNC lathe machining parts.

Champion H&C can produce material include various kinds of aluminum alloys, copper, stainless steel, carbon steel / heat treatment; special plastic like Nylon, Rulon and others.

Champion H&C has lathe machine, milling machine and CNC multi-tasking lathe machine. In CNC multi-tasking lathe machine, we can produce DIA3.0mm ~ DIA.100.00mm. The general tolerance is +/-0.01mm, if the tolerance request beyond +/-0.01mm, we will use grinding process to reach drawing spec. like 0.001mm.

Welcome to send inquiry to us for more details about customizing precision CNC machining parts.